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  • Place of Origin: Taiwan


Oil Seal Type TC

Oil Seal Type TC


TC5-17-7  TC50-60-7  TC100-125-13
TC6-8-4  TC50-60-8  TC100-125-14
TC6-15-5 TC50-60-10 TC100-130-10
TC8-15-5 TC50-62-7 TC100-130-12
TC8-15-6 TC50-62-8 TC100-130-13
TC8-15-7 TC50-62-10 TC100-130-15
TC8-15-8 TC50-64-7 TC100-135-12
TC8-16-4 TC50-64-8 TC100-135-13
TC8-16-5 TC50-64-10 TC100-135-15
TC8-16-6 TC50-65-8 TC100-140-13
TC10-17-5 TC50-65-9 TC100-150-13
TC10-18-4 TC50-65-10 TC100-170-15
TC10-18-6 TC50-67-9 TC105-120-11
TC10-19-4 TC50-67-11 TC105-125-12
TC10-19-7 TC50-68-8 TC105-130-10
TC10-20-5 TC50-68-9 TC105-130-12
TC10-20-6 TC50-68-10 TC105-130-13
TC10-20-7 TC50-70-8 TC105-130-15
TC10-21-10 TC50-70-9 TC105-140-12
TC10-22-7 TC50-70-10 TC105-140-15
TC10-23-6 TC50-70-12 TC105-145-14
TC10-25-7 TC50-72-7 TC106-126-12
TC10-30-12 TC50-72-8 TC110-130-12
TC10-30-6 TC50-72-10 TC110-130-13
TC10-30-7 TC50-72-12 TC110-135-12
TC12-20-4 TC50-72-8 TC110-135-13
TC12-20-5 TC50-73-9 TC110-140-10
TC12-20-7 TC50-74-12 TC110-140-11
TC12-21-4 TC50-75-8 TC110-140-12
TC12-21-7 TC50-75-10 TC110-140-13
TC12-22-5 TC50-75-12 TC110-140-14
TC12-22-7 TC50-76-10 TC110-150-13
TC12-22-9 TC50-76-12 TC110-160-12
TC12-24-10 TC50-78-10 TC110-160-13
TC12-24-6 TC50-80-7 TC110-170-14
TC12-24-7 TC50-80-8 TC110-170-15
TC12-25-10 TC50-80-10 TC112-136-12
TC12-25-6 TC50-80-12 TC112-140-15
TC12-25-7 TC50-80-13 TC114-145-14
TC12-28-4.5 TC50-82-12 TC115-130-6
TC12-28-6 TC50-85-10 TC115-140-12
TC12-28-7 TC50-85-12 TC115-140-13
TC12-30-7 TC50-90-10 TC115-140-14
TC12-32-7 TC50-90-12 TC115-140-15
TC14-22-4 TC50-10-*10 TC115-145-13
TC14-22-5 TC52-62-8 TC115-145-14
TC14-22-7 TC52-63-8 TC115-150-13
TC14-24-6 TC52-68-8 TC115-160-15
TC14-24-7 TC52-68-10 TC120-140-12
TC14-25-7 TC52-68-13 TC120-140-13
TC14-26-6 TC52-70-8 TC120-140-14
TC14-28-7 TC52-70-9 TC120-140-15
TC14-32-7 TC52-70-10 TC120-150-12
TC15-24-7 TC52-72-8 TC120-150-13
TC15-25-5 TC52-72-9 TC120-150-14
TC15-25-6 TC52-72-10 TC120-150-15
TC15-25-7 TC52-72-12 TC120-155-16
TC15-26-5 TC52-75-8 TC120-160-12
TC15-26-7 TC52-75-10 TC120-160-14
TC15-27-7 TC52-75-12 TC120-160-15
TC15-28-6 TC52-80-10 TC120-160-16
TC15-28-7 TC52-85-10 TC125-143-13
TC15-29-6 TC53-72-10 TC125-145-13
TC15-30-10 TC53-90-13 TC125-150-12
TC15-30-7 TC54-72-10 TC125-150-13
TC15-32-7 TC54-76-8 TC125-150-14
TC15-35-7 TC54-76-10 TC125-150-15
TC16-24-5 TC54-81-10 TC125-155-12
TC16-24-6 TC54-82-10 TC125-155-13
TC16-26-7 TC54-92-12 TC125-155-14
TC16-28-7 TC55-65-10 TC125-160-12
TC16-30-7 TC55-68-8 TC125-160-14
TC16-30-8 TC55-70-6 TC125-160-15
TC16-30-8 TC55-70-7 TC125-165-13
TC17-25-4 TC55-70-8 TC126-164-16
TC17-25-6 TC55-70-9 TC130-150-10
TC17-27-6 TC55-70-10 TC130-150-12
TC17-27-7 TC55-70-12 TC130-150-14
TC17-28-6 TC55-72-7 TC130-160-12
TC17-28-7 TC55-72-8 TC130-160-13
TC17-29-5 TC55-72-9 TC130-160-14
TC17-29-8 TC55-72-10 TC130-160-15
TC17-30-6 TC55-72-12 TC130-162-14
TC17-30-7 TC55-75-8 TC130-170-15
TC17-30-8 TC55-75-10 TC132-160-12
TC17-32-7 TC55-75-12 TC132-160-13
TC17-32-8 TC55-76-10 TC132-160-15
TC17-35-7 TC55-76-12 TC135-150-15
TC17-35-8 TC55-78-8 TC135-160-13
TC17-40-7 TC55-78-10 TC135-160-14
TC17-47-7 TC55-78-12 TC135-165-13
TC18-28-7 TC55-80-8 TC135-165-14
TC18-30-6 TC55-80-10 TC135-170-12
TC18-30-7 TC55-80-12 TC135-170-13
TC18-30-8 TC55-80-13 TC135-170-15
TC18-32-7 TC55-82-10 TC135-200-12
TC18-37-7 TC55-82-12 TC135-200-15
TC19-27-4 TC55-85-8 TC140-160-12
TC19-27-6 TC55-85-10 TC140-160-13
TC19-30-5 TC55-90-10 TC140-170-14
TC19-35-8 TC55-90-8 TC140-170-15
TC19-50-7 TC55-100-10 TC140-170-16
TC20-28-5 TC56-70-8 TC140-180-15
TC20-28-6 TC56-70-9 TC145-170-13
TC20-30-6 TC56-72-8 TC145-175-14
TC20-30-7 TC56-72-10 TC145-175-15
TC20-31-7 TC56-80-8 TC146-170-18
TC20-32-6 TC57-71-7 TC148-170-15
TC20-32-7 TC57-80-8 TC150-170-12
TC20-34-5 TC58-68-9 TC150-170-15
TC20-34-7 TC58-72-8 TC150-180-12
TC20-35-10 TC58-74-8 TC150-180-13
TC20-35-5 TC58-75-8 TC150-180-14
TC20-35-7 TC58-75-9 TC150-180-15
TC20-35-8 TC58-75-10 TC150-180-16
TC20-36-7 TC58-80-10 TC150-180-18
TC20-36-8 TC58-80-12 TC150-225-15
TC20-37-7 TC58-84-10 TC155-180-14
TC20-37-8 TC58-85-8 TC155-180-15
TC20-38-8 TC58-85-10 TC155-185-13
TC20-40-10 TC58-90-10 TC155-185-14
TC20-40-7 TC58-90-11 TC155-190-17
TC20-40-8 TC60-70-12 TC160-180-10
TC20-42-7 TC60-72-8 TC160-180-12
TC20-42-8 TC60-72-10 TC160-180-13
TC20-42-9 TC60-72-12 TC160-180-15
TC20-47-10 TC60-75-8 TC160-185-12
TC20-47-5 TC60-75-9 TC160-185-13
TC20-47-7 TC60-75-8 TC160-190-12
TC20-52-10 TC60-78-9 TC160-190-15
TC21-35-7 TC60-80-8 TC160-200-14
TC21-40-7 TC60-80-10 TC160-200-15
TC22-31-5 TC60-80-12 TC160-210-22.5
TC22-32-5 TC60-80-13 TC165-190-13
TC22-32-6 TC60-82-9 TC170-190-15
TC22-32-7 TC60-82-10 TC170-200-13
TC22-34-7 TC60-82-12 TC170-200-15
TC22-35-5 TC60-85-8 TC180-200-15
TC22-35-7 TC60-85-10 TC180-210-15
TC22-38-8 TC60-85-12 TC180-215-16
TC22-39-6 TC60-85-13 TC180-210-15
TC22-39-7 TC60-86-12 TC185-210-13
TC22-40-7 TC60-90-8 TC185-210-14
TC22-42-11 TC60-90-10 TC185-210-15
TC22-50-7 TC60-90-12 TC190-220-12
TC23-35-7 TC60-92-12 TC190-220-14
TC23-40-6 TC60-95-10 TC190-220-15
TC24-33-5 TC60-95-12 TC190-230-16
TC24-34-7 TC60-95-13 TC195-240-15
TC24-35-6 TC60-100-10 TC200-230-15
TC24-35-7 TC60-100-12 TC200-250-15
TC24-40-7 TC60-100-13 TC205-235-16
TC24-43-6 TC60-100-14 TC210-240-15
TC24-47-7 TC60-110-12 TC220-250-15
TC24-48-10 TC60-110-13 TC220-260-15
TC25-32-5 TC62-80-8 TC220-260-16
TC25-32-6 TC62-80-9 TC220-270-15
TC25-35-10 TC62-80-10 TC230-260-15
TC25-35-5 TC62-80-12 TC240-270-15
TC25-35-7 TC62-85-10 TC250-280-15
TC25-36-8 TC62-85-12 TC260-300-15
TC25-37-6 TC62-90-10 TC270-300-15
TC25-37-7 TC62-90-12 TC270-310-20
TC25-37-8 TC62-95-13 TC280-310-16
TC25-38-7 TC63-80-9 TC280-320-18
TC25-38-8 TC63-90-10 TC280-320-20
TC25-40-10 TC63-90-12 TC280-320-22
TC25-40-5 TC64-80-8 TC300-360-20
TC25-40-6 TC64-80-13 TC320-360-18
TC25-40-7 TC64-90-13 TC320-360-20
TC25-40-8 TC65-75-8 TC330-370-20
TC25-40-9 TC65-80-8 TC340-380-18
TC25-41-6 TC65-80-10 TC340-380-20
TC25-42-10 TC65-80-12 TC360-400-20
TC25-42-7 TC65-82-10 TC420-460-20
TC25-42-8 TC65-82-12 TC440-480-20
TC25-44-7 TC65-85-8 TC445-480-16
TC25-45-10 TC65-85-10 TC470-520-22
TC25-45-6 TC65-85-12 TC470-520-25
TC25-47-10 TC65-85-13 TC480-520-20
TC25-47-7 TC65-88-12
TC25-52-10 TC65-90-10
TC25-52-7 TC65-90-12
TC25-52-8 TC65-90-13
TC25-62-10 TC65-92-12
TC25-62-8 TC65-95-10
TC26-35-7 TC65-95-13
TC26-38-5 TC65-95-14
TC26-38-7 TC65-100-10
TC26-42-8 TC65-100-12
TC26-47-5 TC65-100-13
TC26-48-7 TC65-110-10
TC26-52-8 TC65-110-12
TC27-40-6 TC65-120-10
TC27-42-7 TC65-120-12
TC28-35-8 TC65-120-13
TC28-38-7 TC67-95-13
TC28-40-7 TC68-85-10
TC28-40-8 TC68-90-8
TC28-42-7 TC68-90-10
TC28-42-8 TC68-90-12
TC28-45-8 TC68-90-13
TC28-47-10 TC68-92-12
TC28-47-7 TC68-95-10
TC28-52-10 TC68-100-10
TC28-52-7 TC68-100-13
TC30-40-6 TC68-110-12
TC30-40-7 TC68-110-13

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